Monday, November 19, 2007


I am Glenn A. Gurley, an eighty+ year old man that has had a blessed life. I often say I am a young man in an old man's body. I have experienced much in my life and would like to record it through this blog. Feel free to comment on what you read and ask me questions if you would like to know more or if something is unclear. I will do my best to reflect on my life and recall memories throughout my personal history. I found out about blogging when Betsy Gurley Mauney, my son's oldest daughter started a family blog before her son Isaac was born. Around that time, my son Mike came over to my house one day later in November 2008 and said, "Dad you need a blog!" He had just created one, Mike Goes A Bloggin' and thought it would be good for me to have one. I said to him, "What in the world is a blog?" He sat down at my computer and showed what a blog was and explained that Betsy had a blog and he had just created one. He shared it was quite easy for anyone to have with no cost. I told him that at this point in my 80 year old life, a blog was one thing that I did not need; he insisted that we create one then and there so it would be on my computer if I ever wanted to write anything to share with the folks that had access to it on the Internet.

A few days later Glenn Jr. came by and I told him that Mike had put a blog on my computer for me and asked him, "What can I ever do with a blog?" Glenn came up with the idea that I might write something about when I was young growing up in the country so he and the rest of the family would know a little about my life back when I was young. For the past several years, Glenn had tried to get the family to share stories about our family history so he jumped on this opportunity. I found out that he had his own blog and even taught educators how to use them. That day I started to write about some of the things that I enjoyed doing so that is how the story of my life unfolded. So it all started with Glenn's help. Glenn and I will work on this project together as a father - son project and set a goal to post a new entry about my life each week. I will continue this until I finish telling my story. I will also make audio recordings of some of the stories and post them in inside the blog entries. The picture is of my son Glenn, my son and blog assistant, and me.


Mike said...

I am sure you need help, and I am sure I would be glad to help yo

Glenn A.Gurley said...

Thasnks Mike for the help-

thorson said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. I am a friend of your son, Glenn Gurley. We have worked together with the North Carolina Teacher Academy since 1995. What a blessing it has been to know Glenn. Barb Thorson

pamela said...

Dear Dad,
This is like reading the male version of Little House on the Prairie. Keep on writing and I'll
keep reading. I love you,

Anonymous said...

at school at the moment we are doing a study on change and hoe things have changed over the years i was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about hoe becoming self sufficient has changed over the years?

Daniel J. MacLeĆ²d said...

This blogg you are writing is invaluable to future generations. Thanks so much for sharing.

Your brother Howard's grandson,


Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Glenn, Mom was reading your blog and told me that she was from west Statesville near the old airport not west Jeffersonand that her name is spelled Colean. Did you know that she had her pilot license at one time.