Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pam Starts Piano Lessons and Trip to Baltimore

The year after Michael was born, we had to put Pam on the great big orange school bus and send her off to Berryhill Elementary School. After the bus pulled off, I got into my car and followed the bus to school to make sure Pam arrived safely. Hazel and I spent the day waiting to see if she would make it back home that afternoon and she did! Unto this day she does not know that I followed the school bus all the way to school to see if she got there alright.

That fall, Pam told us that she wanted to learn to play the piano. We thought that she was too young and a couple of the piano teachers we spoke to told us to wait until she was in the third grade and could read. Mrs. Mildred Gaffney, who was teaching piano lessons at Jackson Homes, told us that if she was ready that we ought to allow her to start taking
lessons so we did. We were amazed at how well she did once she got started; we could not keep her away from the fifty dollar second-hand piano that we had bought for her to play. It was a big upright with a mirror on it, so big that it took up most of the space in our little living room. That did not matter as we listened to her play, knowing the enjoyment she was experiencing. As the years passed, the two boys would bother Pam as she was trying to practice when they were playing in our very small home.

We took a trip to Baltimore, MD to visit Billy Warren who was the former pastor of Jackson Park Baptist Church and was called to Landsdown, MD First Baptist Church. We thought he took the job to get away from Jackson Park and to a bigger church. When we got there, we saw the little church that he went to and never again did I try to figure out why a pastor left a church for another. On this trip we went to the Baltimore Zoo and then we spent several days in Washington, DC and went to the zoo there too. We camped in a camp ground on the banks of the Potomac River. While in DC we toured the city and saw all of the sites. We had a great trip, this trip was much better than previous ones to Washington.

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I just love reading your posts, Paw-Paw! I hope you're having an awesome day and I love you and Granny so much!