Sunday, December 7, 2008

North Myrtle Beach - Part Two

Our house at 4504 Lewis Street in North Myrtle Beach was finished in March of 1985 and we moved in on April 1, 1985. Tom and Margaret Worthy who owned Jet Express Delivery said that they would move us for only the gas it took. Before that, every trip down to the beach we would pack the van to the fullest so there would not be so much to take at one time.
We had already taken down our beds and most of our kitchen things and already had them put up just like we wanted. On this last trip, we just had to take all of the big items and all of my shop tools which made for a huge truckload. We had planned to leave Charlotte early in the day just as soon as Tom could get caught up on his deliveries. Work orders just kept coming in; in fact, it was one of his busy days. He did not get caught up until 6:00 p.m. that Friday! We got the truck loaded by 8:00 p.m. and started down the road to the beach. Tom and I were in the truck and Hazel and Margaret in our car. It was sort of a slow trip down so we arrived at the beach around 1:00 a.m. We got a little sleep and the next morning John and Sue Rogers were there early and helped us unload the truck. It was a busy day but we got everything in place and by night fall we all were ready for a good night’s rest.
The first morning after we move in at the beach we had twelve friends for breakfast which included Tom and Margaret Worthy, Jasper and Dixie Forbes, Dale and Candy Lawson, and four kids. From the first day we had opened our home at the beach to anyone that would come to visit. We had always said that it was God’s house because He was the one that made it possible for us to have. The house was not finished, we had not built the front porch or the shop on to the back. It was high enough that I could put all of my shop tools under the house and I had just enough space to do all of the work that I had to do.

It was not long after we moved in that a house under construction caught fire and burned to the ground; it had a big load of lumber that got burned a little on the end and the man gave it to me which was enough to build most of our front porch and the framing for the shop. When Larry Lambert finished the patio homes that he was building he gave me enough cedar siding for my shop on the back of our home so all I had to buy was the roof trusses, roofing, a door, and concrete for the floor. A couple in our Sunday School Class had built a big house and the contractor had put two wrong windows in and had to take them out. They let me have them for almost nothing. Things like this happened from the start to the finish of building our home at the beach, it had to be Gods way of helping us; we could not have done it on our own.  Listen to me tell this story.


Mike said...

One of the thing I liked about the house, was although it was at the beach, it felt like it was in the mountians, with the high front porch, and trees.

Shannon said...

I remember my pet rabbit is buried in the side yard of your beach house. I didn't even have it 24 hours and while we were on the way down to the beach from Charlotte Eric was holding it and accidentally strangled it. He was like, "the rabbit's not moving anymore." Talk about a dramatic road trip! That was my only bad memory about that house. The rest are all wonderful. We had some special times at the beach!